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Shooting events at Krakow's fire range

Why not try our hugely Shooting package during your stay in Krakow?

Many of our clients just love to blow off some steam ( and bits of the shooting range ) during they trip by getting to grips with some of the World's most deadly weapons!

You will be taken from your Krakow's accommodaion by our driver to a safe Krakow range rights in the center of the town and our trained shooting professional will educate you in the art of shooting big, powerful guns! Feel the power and deadly accuracy of the iconic AK47 Kalashnikov, sample of Polish made Special Forces machine gun for that local flavor!Can you handle the recoil of the high-powered pump action or semi automatic shot gun?  Or maby you always wanted that old detective special the Glock 17 9mm in you hands? We have them all plus old cartel Uzi and No you can't hold it sideway when you shoot!

Our English speaking shooting professionals are the best in the busines and after equipping you with protective goggles and headphones they will acquaint you with the rage which will be reserved just for your group so there are no distractions.

For years this has been one of Krakow's most popular activities, it's quick ( there and back to hotel 2hrs ussualy ) and becouse of the fun ways instructors structure the session a great bit of competitive action to liven up you holidays.